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Hotels in Goa

Aguada Hermintage, Goa
Hotel Cidade De Goa 
Hotel Leela Palace, Goa
Hotel Taj Exotica, Goa
Kenilworth Beach Resort 
Hotel Taj Holiday Village
Majorda Beach Resort
Park Hyatt Goa Resort
Radisson White Sand
Ramada Caravela
Bogmallo Beach Resort
Club Mahindra Resort
                      More hotels.....


Goa Handicrafts


Pottery and Terracota
As the pottery & terra-cotta are traditional crafts with utility-cum-decorative. The items produced include flower garden pots, bowls with floral designs, figures of saints, Gods' and Goddesses' etc etc. The alcohol Feni is also made in large terra-cotta stills.

Crochet and Embroidery
Works such as tablecloths, children and ladies garments, pillow and cushion covers, linen, brings out a breathtaking apparel range. Goa's most famous places for embroidery are Panaji, Caranzalem, Ribandar, Sanquelim and Mapusa

Bamboo Craft
Bamboos when cut and stripped can be woven into various type of baskets and mats. These can be used for carrying head load of coconut, rice, paddy, fish, flower baskets and letter-holders, pen stands, fans and other decorative items. along the Goa's beaches, restaurant shacks have sprung up in style of huts of fishermen or agriculturists of yesteryears where mattings and weavings is essential

Brass Metal Ware
While utensils of utility are made of sheet metal (copper), brass metal casting is a craft passed on from one generation to another practiced on hereditary basis. The items produced include oil lamps in various designs, candle stands, temple towers, church bells, ashtrays, etc.

Sea Shell Craft & Coconut Mask Carving
The popular items produced in Sea Shell craft are ashtrays, lamp shades, coasters, chandeliers, curtains, pot hangers, table mats, clocks, mirror frame etc. Mask's can intrigue a person by their looks and their making and in Goa mask carving has got a whole new look as it is done on coconut shells.

Fibre Craft
Shopping bags, ladies purses, coasters and wall hangings, and other essential accessory items used in daily purposes are made of banana or sisal fibre and the major fibre craft centre is situated in Corolim.

Jute Macrame Craft
Jute craft is known to be one of the most unique crafts of India and items such as Decorative bags, belts, wall hanging, lamp shades, flower pots, hangers, etc are considered Goan souvenirs.

Wooden laquerware / Wood turning
Some of the most exquisite items produced in Goan woodcraft include cradles, corner stands, baby carts etc.

Coir Products
The Coir generated on husking the abundant coconuts grown locally is used in making rope. Ropes of all sizes is made and used for drawing water from well, plucking mangoes, tying together planks of woods in the construction of traditional fishing craft. Thin rope woven with midribs of coconut leaves and bound together make rather efficient broom. As an matter of facts coconuts mask carving is done on coconut shells.

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